Miles to Health

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still very cold here, so the treadmill is still my friend, hoping the 30s for Saturday holds true so I can get out for a run.

Yesterday was a nice hip opener yoga short and sweet-20mins

Today -
1 mile warmup @ 4mph/2% grade
9 miles @ 6mph/2%grade
1 mile @ 7mph/2%grade
Cathe RWH Lift it leg - this is a great workout to do after a challenging run just to push the body slightly to the edge.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The cold tundra of Ohio continues, woke up to -6 this morning after spending the night being chase by a bear, so slept in a bit to recover from all the running in my sleep.

Eventually got out of bed, which was later than expected but I did complete the running workout, just no time Lift Leg workout.

4x1.5miles with 800m recovery- the treadmill is really on it's last leg the changes I made last year to get it back running maybe running it's course since the incline goes up(2%) and down(1%) and the speed requires a bit of a banging to get up. I guess need to start looking for another since I cannot imagine not having one, even when the weather warms up, just easier to get up at 5am to get a run done instead of waiting till daylight.

Monday, February 16, 2015

-9 degree when I woke up this morning but nice that there was no snow storm and the wind was calm.

Got in Cathe Ripped with Hiit Plyo 1 and 5 miles easy run, I was finally able to do 1 hand burpee from the left side, still a work in progress, it tend to use more core muscle.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine Weekend.

Saturday(Valentine Day): With the snow and wind chill dropping the temperature to the negative, I decided I wasn't bada$$ enough nor do I think any race or run was worth me being out in those conditions, I spend an enjoyable day with James, only problem was house was not stuck for us to be in all day so it was interesting coming up with things to eat since neither really wanted to cook. In order not to call the day a total waste did a nice high intensity spin.

Sunday: Schedule calls for 16miles and I really didn't wake up early enough to get it all in before church but still decided to do what I can, started out walking at 4.0mph/2% grade and just add miles till I was walking about 4.5 mph/2% grade, this was my walking cutoff then I switch to running at 5.0mph unless the treadmill will not go past 4.9mph/2% grade, so stayed there for the first round. The treadmill reset at 99:59 so stop it at 99:25 after 8.5miles for a 13:15 pace, yes slower than am suppose to run but I really want to build the walking muscles, seem to be helping keep me injury free.

For the 2nd round since I know I was press for time I decided to crank the pace up a bit for a faster pace with lower miles, ended up with 5 miles in 53:27 for a 10:41 pace, the legs felt pretty good and the last push of 0.2 at 7mph/2% at the end really task the endurance system but was able to talk myself to a strong finish.
Not 16miles @ 5.1mph that the schedule called for but I am quite happy with what I did.

While running this morning watch Generation Iron on Netflix, I love the bodybuilding world as much as I love the running world, actually was into lifting way before running and attending the Arnold Classic has been a yearly event since 2008 with the kids. The expo is always a lot of fun with unbelievable amount of giveway. I know there is always the debate about steroid use but in the running world there is also doping so no sport is really clean since everyone is looking for an edge and there is so much  money and endorsement on the line.

Some yoga tonight to stretch things out, Little Rock is fast approaching I feel good about it and Lent starts this week.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Brrrr it is cold, the wind is brutal

Woke up with so much energy today, no aches or pain and on time, although that didn't mean I got to work on time just that I got in all my workout, I really enjoy working out, it's not something I need to do, it's something I have to do just to feel complete for the day.

1st workout was Cathe Ripped with Hiit Upper Body Circuit, every time I do this workout I wonder why it is called upper body circuit because the legs are worked just as much to keep the metabolism rep but then when I do the lower body I understand why, really love this program, great compliment to my running.

Work out #2, I really wanted to do the 1 hour yin yoga that Travis posted on youtube so the intention even thou the schedule called for 6 miles easy I was only going to do 4 to be able to get the yoga but once I started it felt so effortless and I couldn't imagine cutting it short.

Was running short on time so plan to get as much yoga as possible in, was able to do 30 mins of Travis Eliot Yin yoga, this felt so good after the other 2 workout.

Not sure what to do tomorrow, it is going to be very cold again, some light snow with temps at about 19 degrees but feel like 2 with wind gusting at 21mph by 10am it's going to feel like -2, just does not seem worth it since it will be hard for me to breathe so it looks like the 16 miles for tomorrow is going to be on the treadmill.

This does not help with the decision of which shoe to wear for the Little Rock Marathon coming up

Normal Friday activity at Solon Giant Eagle Market District 6 for $6, great way to taste different wines and not bad for the price

1-Mirth Chardonnay 2013 paired with Vermont Cheddar popcorn/Mango drizzle
2-50 Shades of Grey White Silk 2012 paired with Mixed green with crispy bacon & grapefruit vinaigrette
3-Fantini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2013 paired with Stuffed Shells
4-The Seducer Red Rendevous 2012 (my favorite) paired with Blueberry marinated roast beef
5-Le Mazet Cabernet-Syrah 2010 paired with poached pear wrapped in prosciutto
6-Vietti Muscato d'Asti 2014 (this was good) paired with strawberry and cream cup

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I can't imagine being an after work/evening runner, I went to bed thinking about my 10 mile tempo run today and upon waiting that was one of the first few things that came to mind, which means I will obsess about it all day and today's weather just makes an outdoor run impossible at least for me any way, 11 degrees with a feel like temperature of -24 degrees due to the brutal wind.

This morning was the 1st of the 10 miles tempo run, I worry so much about hitting the pace but not sure why nothing is edge in stone. Had to make myself get out of bed on time, it was really hard especially when James rolled over with a warm body, all I wanted to do was snuggle up and go back to sleep, but got up I did. I felt good, no aches or pain, well except for the shoulder.

Mixed up a bottle of Accelerate Hydro before heading to the basement, did a 1 mile warmup walking, then 7 miles @ 6mph/2% cleared the treadmill since it stops when the time gets to 99.99, this was a really brief stop, no lingering then for the last 3 miles started at 6.1 and finish at 6.5mph/2% then to finish watching the movie I was watching on Netflix, a Chinese movie called Masquerade which there is an American version with Kevin Kline called Dave, very good and interesting to see how each plot were similar, King/ President both ruthless and uncaring for the people.

This was after the run, even thou I don't look very sweaty, am actually quite soak.

Shelby and I cancelled the after work run, just to cold and not worth the risk of a frost bite. Really hoping, I can get in the 16 miler for Saturday outdoor and the weather cooperate, Sunday is very cold but hoping Saturday the wind dies down.

No update on the shoe saga

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Staying true to keeping Wednesday a recovery day, pulled out Ultimate Yogi - Gentle Yoga, I love this workout, actually I just love the way Travis instructs, never have to look at the TV just listen to his voice and follow his  guardian. Always feel relax and mellow when done, am glad am able to put yoga back into my routine, still not flexible but don't feel breakable either. Although, I do have to say I do hurt quite abit when done, not painful hurt more like you need to do this more often.

The "what shoe to wear for the marathon" saga continues, feels weird that I haven't had a race since thanksgiving even thou I am actively training but finding most shorts races just as expensive as long and will rather go long to reduce $/mile, and moreover I do not keep short race blings unless there is something special about them.