Miles to Health

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Had a great time in Columbus for the wedding and was able to get all my running workouts in but did come back sick and tired. Got in 5 miles on Monday but it was mainly walking, took Tuesday off just felt so worn out and was able to get my workout in after a great night sleep.

Today's workout D2S P1 RAMP + 1 mile warmup and then 8x0.4miles(@7.2-7.0mph/2% grade) with 0.1miles (@ 3.0mph/2% grade) recovery with my foot pod still not working this was the easiest way to do the required workout of 8x400m/400m recovery, I know the recovery was short but that was why I did it @ 0.1miles instead of 0.25miles. Right hamstring is going to continue to need some TLC.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

OMG my butt hurts, I woke up this morning to some serious butt cheek DOMS, not sure which one of the hiit workout did it but boy those muscles must be pretty weak, I have been stretching and massaging them almost none stop since I got to work, one of the advantages of a standing desk.

Started out with D2S P2 RAMP then 6.1 miles (5 miles at tempo) was suppose to run this at 6.0 but knew I wasn't there so instead after a 1 mile warmup @ 4.0-4.5 I started the tempo at 5.5mph with2% grade and increase 0.1 after every mile doing the last one at 6.0, this felt so much better instead of starting at 6.0 and stopping and starting, did a .1 CD since I really wanted to do some yoga and was running out of time. finish off with Core Power Yoga.

After work, met up with Mandy and Shelby, for the usual route around Cuyahoga Falls, I felt pretty good leg wise but the butt was still quite sore, got in about 5 hill repeats to get the usual 4 miles, beautiful night for a run.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

With no mouse drama today I was able to whip out the new Cathe and give them a whirl, okay I have to say I absolutely love the 2 I did, they were what I envision her doing, no unnecessary breaks, no endless reps, limited fancy moves, sweet, short and to the point, but I miss my Cede.

Started out with low impact hiit #1, she changed things up a bit by using the mat as a prob for the first half to get around which was a nice twist, had sweat pouring down and was breathless but not gasping for breathe, then skipping the warmup from hiit circuit upper body I tacked that on, love the cardio blast and I think my lower body was worked just as hard as the upper body. Love it.

To make things interesting, before doing the stretch to end the workout I added on a kettlebell/burpee ladder-8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 using a 24kg kettle bell this took 3:38 had to pause a couple of times to catch my breathe but this was a great finisher which came from a men's health email, ahh bliss.

I love this combo and felt great afterwards. Still feeling some tightness in my right hamstring, not really pain just seem like there are lots are scar tissue limiting my mobility, so I have been stretching and digging into it using a strect I found on youtube.

 Gretchen Rubin: The Happiness Project(should have moved it to the bottom of the pile but started it instead, like it so far)
Stephanie Klein - Straight up and Dirty, dropping and donating to library book sale just not getting it, gave it a fair shake up to page 84.
Tom Ferry: Life by Design
John C Maxwell - Today Matters

Car (Audio-have to make good use of that 2hrs round trip daily commute to work)
Timothy Ferriss-The 4 Hour Body

Jumping around on that one, have to look to see what I started out with on Sunday..

I need a new ereader, love my kindle but this is a much older edition but can't really justify a new one unless for the fact that I can't read in the dark with turning on a light, but it is fun getting under the covers with my flashlight so as not to wake up my husband.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Having a written plan means you know what to do in the morning and don't have to think much unless things get derailed by a mouse, got down to the basement to find a mouse in my workout space, since I live on a wooded lot with green space they tend to come in during the winter, actually quite surprise there are any mouse left with all the snakes in the yard. I trapped the mouse, that is the extend of my involve, need my husband to get rid of it but he was still sleeping and I was too worried he was going to get out could not workout in the room, which means no Ripped HIIT legs.

I took the D2S P3 dvd to the other room and did the RAMP workout as warmup for my run, speed work today, 12x400@6.8 - 7.2 mph, I did 7.2/2% incline since I know I have been doing it that fast while training for the 5k, recovery was suppose to be @ 400m@5.0 but I went for 4.0/2%incline to give the hamstring a break since am still babying it.1 mile warmup

Felt hard but doable and I felt good, search youtube for some hamstring stretches and got in about 15mins worth.

Stop at a Goodwill on the way home since there was no after work run with Shelby tonight, great place to search for books and workout DVDs,  found one by Gretchen Rubin: The Happiness Project heard about her but haven't read anything by her yet, looking forward to reading this, looks like a good read.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Planning for Little Rock

So with the Turkey Trot out of the way, and almost 2 weeks off from running to give my right hamstring a break, notice a pull and some inflammation so took time off to heal it instead of ending up with an injury. The plan is to use the Hansons Marathon Training plan again it  worked great for me for Chicago and with the goal weather not having to do a 20 miler sound great to me.

According to my 5k time which means as far as am concern nothing when it comes to what I can run marathon wise indicates I can run a 4:11 marathon, my PR is current 4:29 and I did Chicago in 4:37, my plan is to setup my training plan, since I did Chicago in 4:37 am deciding on training for a 4:26 marathon well actually train between 4:10 and 4:26, I think if I run the easy miles slow and easy, I will be okay based on the speed workout I had been doing for the 5k and this program is a great buildup.
Since LR is a hilly course am going to have to incorporate some hill workout to build the leg strength, I will also be using Sufferfest: The Machine and also some of the Runerval DVDs for variety.

For Strength workout, Cathe new DVDs came in the mail today, so perfect timing with be using the HITT/strength workout in this series since they are short, I have also will plan to keep doing D2S RAMP workout and metabolic because I like the way the hips are target.

Love how my body is shaping up and weight continue to drop, still using myfitnesspal to log the calories and that is really helping.

This weekend got dolled up and went to Columbus to attend the Twin River Links Holiday Brunch

LIFE IS GOOD, need to start working on the visions and goals for 2015

JCC Turket Trot 5k - Boca Raton FL

This was one of my most interesting 5k, only got in 4 hrs of sleep after hanging with the family through the wee hours of the morning, got introduced to some awesome alcoholic ginger beer and found no coffee in the morning and none on the way since we were only 10mins from the start line.

Original plan was to run to the start as my warmup but all that went out the door due to the conditions above, but on a good note 4 of my family members got up and ran with me including my sister in law doing her first ever race.

According to the Floridians it was very cold, which translate to the sun was out and it was windy, less than 2000 people but this was a 7:30am start so not  surprise since this was quite early for a turkey trot.

My goal was 25mins, this was a stretch under normal conditions, and those described about made it more interesting, I decided to run as hard as possible by feel and see what happens, didn't accomplish my goal of 25mins but ended up at 26:00:05 which I am quite happy with since this is 1:34 faster than the last one in June. Plan/goal is to continue to work on speed while marathon training.

My in-laws also sleep deprived were nice enough to wake up and come out to cheer

Had a great time with the family and eating the thanksgiving fest after running a fast 5k makes for great times.

We spend most of the weekend walking around South Beach so only came back from Florida 1.5 pounds heavier, now to get back on the program.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, Shelby and I got to our run destination and decided going out for a run was going to be worthless, it was raining but since the temp was only 29, it was slick everywhere, we could get the run in but it will be us going for quantity and not quality, not worth it to me to do that.

So came back home and did Runerval 1.0 hanging with Coach Troy and The Clydesdale, I find it interesting that Coach calls this an easy workout, did most of the workout at the 10k pace and even for the final challenge instead of holding at base pace did 5k pace instead. Before the Runerval workout did, D2S P2 RAMP and Timed metabolic workout .

Then it was time to make a quick stop at my sister's place for her birthday party before heading to downtown Cleveland for an event at the Westin and an overnight stay.

Sunday, went looking for the Westin Fitness Lounge, I know they have been upgrading and emphasizing the important of exercise and sleep and great Fitness Lounges, well had to say this did not disappoint, probably the best hotel gym I have seen and I was like a kid in a candy store playing with all the toys and then when I found out I didn't have to check out till 3pm went back down after breakfast and nap for more fun.

Jacobs ladder is one of my favorite equipment and not found in too may places so extremely excited when I saw it and nobody was using it, oh I was in fitness heaven.