Miles to Health

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Today was a great day, got out of bed 10 mins after my alarm went of, normally I don't get up for another 60mins or so, started the day productive and happy. Today was Kelly Coffey Meyer Slim Sculpting Swing + Upper Body, I think this workout is so much harder when you are not switching between upper and lower body. My left palm seem so much more delicate than my right.

After KCM was a doyogawithme yin yoga for hip and hamstring with David Procyshyn love the sequencing and the gentleness of this one, perfect for a recovery day.

Spent most of the time after work sorting through the bulk jewelry  I bought from, got to start taking reselling seriously

Life is good and there is bliss

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Early morning meeting meant a shortened workout, since I am realizing I do need my beauty sleep and no matter how early I get to ,sleep does not come even those I am quite relax and calm, using it as meditation time which help quite the mind and short it down for the day instead of going through next day's to do list and goals.  All I got in was 4 easy miles before having to rush to get ready for work although scheduled called for 9 miles, oops


Kelly Coffey Meyer Slim Sculpting Swing + Lower Body Workout, been a while since I did kettlebell swings used the 16kg bell, great workout due to the reps, hard to go heavy which isn't the focus of the workout.

After wards the mixed intervals Brain Training for runners program called for 3k@HM pace, 2K@10K, 1K@5k pace and 800M @3k pace, I was off on all of them not by much but the rest was really short at 90secs, just enough time to take a really deep breath.

 After work was some miles with Shelby, boy was it hot and humid big difference from last week, we went to the Meadow loop in Munroe Falls I think this is a favorite location for me since it is a 2 mile loop with multiple running surfaces, grass, dirt, asphalt, wood and the scenery is nice. We really were feeling it but talked ourselves from 2-4 then 6 before calling it a day. Today was also my first encounter with a snake on this course and I think we scared each other.

Life is good, no heel pain after this run.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blue Line Run

Left heel is much better but with a twenty miler on Saturday decided to spend the morning with Travis instead doing Yin Yoga, I always love the way I feel after a session of Yin and Travis is just one of the best love the sequencing.  

Not really the best of preparation for a 20 miles run with a 12:30am call from work which meant I couldn't get back to sleep and the alarm went off at 5:30am which I snooze till 5:55am with a bolt leap from bed since I was going to be running late, well made it just in time getting there are 6:56 for the 7am start. Nothing says fun like hanging with almost 500 of your running BFFs and it is not a race, Shelby found me with no issue and we were off together after a quick stop at the restroom.

My plan was to take this easy, no point beating my self up, suppose to be base pace not marathon pace so had to reign Shelby in a bit to keep the pace easy. Love the new course, I find it interesting people are complaining about the hills in the first 12 miles which to me where easy, gentle and rolling compare to slamming in a big old uphill grind at mile 17+ of the marathon, after running 5+ miles on the flat boring towpath of the old course. I love that the new course have a great support for the last 10+ miles of the marathon when it is most needed, I can't wait for race day, I think this is going to be interesting not to just keep things moving this is when the are we there yet mentality start and I want to stop training.

 We are so happy to be done

Feeling better after a haircut/color and shower, now for some food with my visiting niece. Heel feels tight but not too painful.

Feeling better and refresh, very minimal heel pain decided on some spinning and heavy weights to workout the kinks, just what the body needed.

Started things off with Global Cycling 20 mins Burn Fat Fast Workout

I really enjoyed Kelly Coffey Meyer Muscle up the shortened total body workout that I did Friday so pulled it out again for today's workout.

Grateful for another day of being able to do what I love doing, Life is Good, count your blessings.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Still giving the left foot a break from running despite the fact that it felt better, I actually started out with Cathe Ripped with Hiit Lower Body Circuit but after the warmup realized doing it won't really be giving the foot a break so took the DVD out and put in Kelly Coffey Meyer Muscle up doing the Shorten total body workout, this was perfect only 2  sets for each compound workout and 8 reps which mean I was able to go very heavy. Felt totally worked out and this clocked in at 49 mins which makes it a complete winner in my book.

Still working on life's plan, learning more about myself daily but ultimately knowing that life is good and I am bless.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The right heel gave me some trouble over night so decided against running again this morning and hook the foot up to the massage for 1 hour to help move some fresh blood around and promote healing, after wards went to the basement and did 30mins of spin using a Global Cycling Network program, really time to get a new spin bike, I should probably look into it so I can use my fitness money for the year to buy it.

I have a vision and a goal for my running platform, I now need to come up with a name, mission statement and business plan.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not a very restful night sleep which made for a late rising so day 2 of no morning run, not really sure why but had no problem with the desire to do Cathe Ripped with Hiit Plyo #2 even thou it was on schedule for tomorrow not today oh well.

After work I did meet up with Shelby for 8 miles at Silver Lake Bike and Hike, much cooler weather even wore arm warmers, and nice to see that we ran the route faster than the last time we were here, I felt pretty good even on the last nasty hill.

Noticed a twinge in my left ankle again so going to spend some time massaging and taking care of it, don't want it getting any worst.

Life is good, love the cooler weather but hate the darker mornings

Monday, August 24, 2015

With another early meeting schedule at work for today, I cut my workout short although I wasn't sure if I would have done any more, I think Mondays are fast becoming my recovery days. Schedule called for Cathe Ripped with Hiit Low Impact #2 + Abs #1 and then 9 miles run, got in Cathe alright but decided against doing the 9 miler and did 25 mins of cardio using my stepper which I haven't used in a while.

I decided against the 9 miler because I will probably run with Shelby tomorrow or with somebody after work since Hubby is traveling, doing 18 in 2 days for my body seem a bit much especially since I still plan on doing the mixed intervals in the morning along with Cathe RWH, this was no big deal when it was 4-6 miles, may cause some injury if I keep it up.

Placing a couple of bids on to get more inventory for my eBay sales, this is normally hit or miss regardless of how carefully I read the manifest and description and also never a guarantee of what will sell, it always amaze me that when I think something is junk and list for a low price there end up being a bidding war, I really must be missing something.

Oh well, Life is good and son #2 starts junior year of college.