Miles to Health

Monday, July 27, 2015

I think I take way too much time to get out the door to run, I can't really say it's dread factor I just hate doing the same loop over and over, funny that I have no problem running on a treadmill.

This is recovery week, which means this training session is fast approaching taper. I took yesterday off from working out but still woke up with some heavy legs today, I seem to be struggling with recovery or rather first 4 mile pain then heavy legs for the rest of my runs.

On schedule today was 5 miles, to get this in I ran every inch of my development, not sure what am going to do when I have to run 8 starting next week, may be half on road and half on treadmill. The run was a struggle seem to take a long time for my body to warm up, got stung badly by something around mile 3, back of left ear is itchy and swollen.Was able to gut out the last mile for a faster pace.

I feel I have been neglecting doing yoga, yes I love yin yoga but time to add more to the plate to get some fitness and flexibility back, so out came my favorite Travis Ultimate Yogi, doing cross training today even thou I only did half of the workout felt great, hoping am able to get back to a daily practice again.

Trying to figure out how to make it all workout, lose weight, gain muscle, be more flexibility but above all I also want to have fun, life is just too short.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

One of my favorite race took place between yesterday and today Burning River 100, I love seeing the runners push themselves to accomplish new goals, I still have mixed feelings about the 8 person relay that was introduced last year, I know for some 13-15 miles will be a great accomplishment but I wish in the spirit of keeping this race purely an ultra race the relay would have been 3 person with distances about or above the 50k mark. Hearing someone claim they ran BR100 and only haven't done 13 miles some how feels wrong but none the less always happy for any runner that can push to accomplish new goals, saw some great runners out their yesterday in the blazing heat.

Met up with Shelby and Mandy at 8:30am yesterday at Egbert, which was aid station F and a relay exchange point, the whole area was a buzz of activity, it was nice seeing so many people out supporting the runners and the runners waiting for their relay leg to come in, didn't go near the aid station wanted to get the run in since the day was already getting hot.

I have been struggling with leg turnover lately not 100% sure what is going on, legs also not recovery as good as they use to, I will be reviewing my training log to see what I am doing run, the run yesterday was a bit of a disappointment although better than expected considering the heat and rolling hills.

Shelby and I got in 13miles, Mandy turned around after 5 to get in 10  mins, it was great seeing the BGR ladies manning BR100 aid station G,  they did an incredible job for their 1st big aid station and most are not even trail runners, so incredible proud of those ladies.

After the run, got in Cathe Ripped with Hiit Lower Body Circuit Premix #2, before showering before heading to a  much needed massage, I have her focus on upper body, I seem to have more kinks in my body than my legs. Afterwards i made a quick drive to aid station G to see the last of the runners go through.

Quick dash back home to change for a graduation party, always love hanging out with my Nigerian family, for some reason with no alcohol at the party and my house being 5 mins away of couple of friends ended up at my house for wine, it was a great time with the last quest leaving about midnight.

Friday, July 24, 2015

With another early work day, I needed a quick workout, that was challenging and fun, for that one of the best person to go to is Cathe. So pulled out Cathe Ripped Hiit Upper Body Timesaver, perfect 30mins total body weights was used for the Upper Body and then some plyo challenging cardio blast to keep the heart rate up.

On schedule for tomorrow is 13miles with the last 6 being progressive towards half marathon pace.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

After a very restful Wednesday with the workout being only a 30mins yoga and lots of sleep, I woke up at 3am today to get in a quick workout since I had to be at work by 4:30am to work with my 1st shift operator on a special project.

I was able to get in 1 mile @ base pace and 1 mile @10k pace then 1 round of tabata alternating between jump rope and battle rope.

I did contemplate running after my 12hour shift but between the heat and long day, I know it will not be  quality workout so skip it and got some paper work done instead.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seem to have difficulty getting to bed at a reasonable time when hubby is traveling, I tend to find multiple things on the to-do list that can be taken care of best when he is away, been very productive the last 48hrs.

With that said getting up  in the morning has been a challenge and may have contributed to the sluggish heavy leaded speed workout today, none the less gut it out and got it done, today was a repeat of last week's workout 4x1k with 3 mins recovery, it wasn't easy last week but I got it done, today it was oh so much harder.

The warmup went pretty good but from the 1st 1k the struggle was real, by the start of the 3rd my legs were done but I stayed with, to late to quit now only a 1k left to suffer through. The 4th actually started out fine till I encountered the dog and that jolt of adrenaline and faster pace run than usual fried the legs and it was a matter of hanging for dear life.

Somewhere during the 4th 1k, I was trying to figure out what the code is to open the garage door, not sure why this came to mind, but for the life of me I couldn't remember it. This sent me into a panic mode since I wasn't sure how I was going to get into the house unless I went to my neighbor to borrow their phone to call hubby to ask for the code. Luckily somewhere during the cool down I figured it out.

No run with Shelby after work today, I was able to get an appointment to see an ob/gyn today since I have been having pain in my abs and can feel a mass. After a vaginal ultrasound which was pretty cool since I could see everything in the big screen in from of me, it showed fibrous tumors and fluid filled cyst on my ovaries. From the measurement and size of the tumors, I am about 4 months pregnant, oh that really sucks but it could also be worse.Baseline measurements taken, back in 6 months to see how fast they are growing. happy it was nothing serious.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Great time in Cincinnati visiting my son for his 20th birthday, so nice to see him and how much he has grown, very proud of the young man he has belong but then still my baby when he complained about all the bugs in front of lighted apartment door.

Got on the arc trainer Saturday, surprise to find an hotel with no treadmill and very few ever have a Cybex trainer so took advantage of it to give the knees a break, did an IClimb workout with Keith being a while since I did one of this then 2 rounds of tabata using free weights lower body for round #1 then upper body. WE then spend the rest of the day with the birthday price dropping him off after some shopping back at his place to spend the rest of the night playing games with friends.

Sunday no workout, since I got limited sleep due to the beautiful 360 restaurant on the 18th floor of the hotel we stayed in, the view from the 17th floor is awesome and the fireworks from the stadium was nice but the constant humming from the rotator was unbearable , it eventually shut off at 10:20pm but due to a private party it came back on at 11pm, after another call to the front desk it finally got shut down again, but it was back on promptly at 10am, really.

Monday after a late night of running around, woke up late but was able to get in an easy 3 miles and 1 round of tabata using jump rope and battle rope, it is hot and humid, can't complaint since we have had nothing bit rain the last couple of weeks.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cross training day, tried a different spinning workout on youtube and not a fan but got in the 30mins and then finish off with Pretty Fierce Lower Body Endurance workout, just love this series.

Have a great weekend, off to spend it with my youngest who is turning 20