Miles to Health

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Active Recovery day today, D2S P2 timed metabolic workout did the warmup also, for the swing use 12kg KB with 20# dumbbell for the rows, pretty efficient work, done in 28 mins which included the warmup, 3 rounds of 5 exercises(Swing, side to side lunges, row, lunge to reach and T pushups) with 40secs ON/20 off.

After work, did some quick listing on ebay and then Yin Yoga to round out the day.

Got the 3 Sufferfest running workouts yesterday, I love the cycling ones so I have no doubt this are going to kick my butt also.

With tracking my food, finding out sodium is a problem ahhh
Schedule calls for KBBS Cardio but really feel the need to lift heavy so switch to D2S Phase 2 Strength 1 added on the warmup since this is really one of the next joint mobility warmup out there, use 20# weights for the push press, 25# for the rows and a 12kg KB for the one legged deadlift, was dripping in sweat as usual when done.

For Cardio, back to Runerval 7.0 wrkt B, 5x90secs ON/2.5mins off, BTFR calls for 3k pace run which will be 8.0mph, for recovery I went between 3.0-4.0, this is a hard pace for me to hold on to for this long but the legs are slowly getting there, treadmill was at 3% incline during this run.

Had just enough time to get in 20mins of UY: Yin Yoga just love Travis.

After work, I was able to hook up with Shelby to get in 2 loops at Hudson Springs, heavy legs but we were able to get the last miles in at a good pace, a bit slower than last week.

Mile 1: 11:03
Mile 2: 11:02
Mile 3: 11:10
Mile 4: 9:57


Had a working lunch at work and despite my best intention, when I logged the meal, I was surprise that despite keeping the calorie low the sodium content was pretty high on things like 97% turkey breast and pickle. I have been trying to bank the workout calories and not eat them, today was the only day I dug into them.

Monday, October 20, 2014

What's next

Time to start looking at 2015 race season, only race registered for right now is the Paris Marathon on April 12, 2015, to far away not to have a couple of races before that if I am to maintain my fitness through the cold winter months.

Current plan is to train and race a Turkey Trot 5k, found a competitive one in Boca Raton, Florida where we will be for Thanksgiving.

What's the goal and plan?

Current 5K PR 24:57 in 2012
Last year 2103 fastest 5k was 26:20 hilly and Sunday after a HM
This year 2014  fastest /only 5k 27:34, up till 1am partying

Am sure you see the trend the downward trend, I have really never trained just added a quick speed work during marathon training to do them, since there is no marathon in the horizon going to use the Brain Training for runners 5k program as a template, I say template because I am not following the program 100%.

To get the speed work in since they will mostly be on the treadmill, I will be using Coach Troy's Runerval 7.0, just need him for the push, I will hopefully get a run in with Shelby on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tuesdays will be easy just to run on tired legs but Thursday even thou the legs will be tired form the speed work the goal will be to do a progressive speed work or hill repeats.

To stay all rounded, yoga and strength training will remain in the program. For strength the plan will be to use Kettlebell Kickboxing Body Series (KBBS), with some Cathe and Drop to Sizes thrown in. For Yoga it will be mainly Ultimate Yogi but we will have Baptiste, Yoga Warrior 365 and some youtube Yin Yoga thrown in.

Not really a fan of 5ks, harder on my body but I need to get the speed back, to make sure am putting my best foot forward I am also working on dropping weight to get back to my racing weight which is about 150# currently at 163#, so started back logging at myfitnesspal to hold myself accountable to what I eat since I do workout hard but I eat a whole lot more, healthy or not. If all work out well, should be at least 5 pounds lighter, I guess in time to eat it back doing thanksgiving.

To clearly state the goal

Race a thanksgiving 5k in under 25mins and drop weight to about 155# by then.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bath 8k Steeplechase

Ok, this was suppose to be fun but 46 degrees and cold rain, the runners in the race were also very serious. This was my first steeplechase and it was a blast despite the cold, having to jump an hay bale at the end of a long hill, takes things to a whole new level. Body felt pretty good just one week after Chicago Marathon.

Met up with Shelby in the parking lot, she was nice enough to have picked up my race bib, so we got in her car to caught up and wait for race start, this was a Chaney race, so of cause it was well organized, race started promptly and I think Shelby and I almost got knocked off, cross country bunch are rough, so use to the mellow trail runners.

The volunteers were great including all the boy's scout, getting up in cold and rain to stand around has got to be harder than us running around.

Finished 3rd in age group with a 50:35 time, Shelby was 2nd

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 Chicago Marathon

Ahh... Chicago is now in running history, using the Hansons Marathon method I think I ran one of my most consistent marathon, no wall and no issue, felt great at the end and even attended a party, no heels thou. Chicago was fun, the spectators were great, but disappointed in no finishers award or real food in the bag, all in all it was a great experience.

SplitTime Of DayTimeDiffmin/milemiles/h


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great workout today, love that I am getting stronger and now getting the workout in with more focus and back in believing in myself.

ChaLean Push 1, rocking those pushups today, all on my toes and feel great

Kettleworx Fast Abs #2 - this need work

Firm Time Crunch - Cardio & Sculpt - picked this up at an outlet store yesterday, it's okay got my heart rate up

Winsor Pilates Express Lower Body - the elevated clams are a killer but I can feel the butt muscle getting firmer.

After work and $600 later with Firestone to get my car exhaust fixed, I met Shelby at Sunny Lake for Hill Repeats. Plan was to do 4x75secs/2 mins recovery but the hill was shorter than expected so changed things up 8x30secs/1min recovery. Still not hitting the pace that I want but so much closer and I feel great so keep working at it.

Life is good.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Run with Scott Jurek

What a great guy, he when back and forth talking with just about everyone and bringing in the last runners.Ran with Shelby and did the 5 miles as a progressive run then went out for 4 more miles on the Buckeye trail going from Station Bridge trail head to Deer Lick Cave