Miles to Health

Monday, November 23, 2015

Woke up today feeling like crab, feeling everyone of those hill repeats that I did, my Quads, Shins and Calves has some serious DOMS, felt every single muscle when I stretch in bed, oh my, I contemplated not working out today but wasn't injured just some serious DOMS and I know I will feel better once I start moving around, so up we go and I did modify the schedule to fit current level of pain.

On the Schedule for Strength was Cathe Xtrain Supercut, modified this and only did Timesaver #1 what was around 30mins and instead of a 5 miler did 5k, legs actually felt good once my body got moving although it was already quite loose and warm from all the jumping around nonstop workout from Supercut.

After work, went grocery shopping since it occurred to me that the boys arrive tomorrow and there is really nothing in the house for them to eat and I also had no fixing for Thanksgiving, all taking care of now just to pick up some minor things tomorrow and we will be all set and I get to enjoy my family, also hoping my niece comes over from Columbus.

Miss the storm that dump snow in Chicago area, so thankful for that because I am not looking forwards to this

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Today was the first Hill Repeats of the 2015/2016 racing season, I love doing this just because I learn to run hills with ease and build some serious leg strength if I stick with it. Met up with the group at 9am and we ran from the parking lot to the top of the hill and I did a 1 repeat slow hill warm up

It was nice to have a clear path on the trail, so I was able to run faster than normal on the downhill and slowly make my way back up, my legs felt pretty good on this and pace was decent. I kept the repeats at roughly 1 hr being that I am only in week 3 of marathon training.

The saying never trust an ultra runner that says a loop is short, met Julie today even thou I have seen her around, she was also done so I decided to head back with her, she suggest the back trail which was a "short" loop back, I guess I should have been more precise because after my Garmin click 2 miles I asked Julie, how long was this loop any way, she said something like, oh not quite sure, most people said about 4 miles. Normal route back was only 1 mile, I cut the heat repeat short to save the legs and here I was doing a short loop, luckily it ended up being only 3miles.

I do have to say I felt fine during the run, and actually glad Julie took me outside my comfort zone and I got the extra miles in.

Had lots of errands and things to do with the kids coming home for Thanksgiving that I skip the trip to Winking Lizards for Beer and Food.

It will be great to see to the boys for the Holiday, been awhile.
Thanksgiving 2011 with my sister and her youngest.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yesterday, was the start of week 3 of Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon training, I love that my legs are finally clicking into the training mode and things are beginning to fall into place although I have to say I am sleeping a lot, not that worried about it for now since I know I have been staying up too late the last 2+ weeks so it is probably my body's way of catching up.

So stay on plan, Monday was Cathe Xtrain Chest Back and Shoulder I did a time saver version due to the above mentioned sleeping so I can get in the scheduled 4 miles, did the 4 miles at a 10:43 avg pace nice for that to feel like an easy pace.

Today was suppose to be another 4 miles but due to sleeping in, I modified everything for today but still got in a decent workout. Cathe Xtrain tabatacise warmup + routine 1 which clocked in at 15mins of pure torture, then instead of 4 miles got in 3 miles nice easy miles at a 10:41 avg pace. My easy/base pace for this training round is 5.4 - 5.8 (11:07 - 10:21), most of last week I stayed in the 5.4 mph range moving up after every 0.5miles, this week am starting at 5.5 with most miles at 5.6 and the last 1 mile split between 5.7 and 5.8. Goal before the end of training plan will be to run the majority of the miles at the 5.8mph pace.

Life is good, beautiful weather for November, I think we were in the 60s, saw the quick dump of snow in Denver and praying the white stuff stays away a bit longer

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Beautiful day for a run, the rain stopped after 2 days of non stop raining and it never snowed as previously forecast. Met up with Shelby at Egbert for 6 miles, it's been almost 2 weeks since we ran together which really feels strange. We had a great run and I think our return trip may be one of our fastest, my leg felt pretty good which am happy about after all the sluggishness of the week day runs. Got back home and got in Cathe's Xtrain Supercut Timesaver + Core #1, this is a great workout, none stop complex moves.

Friday, November 13, 2015

 Had a wonderful time in Paris when I ran the marathon there in April, both the city and the people were welcoming, such a senseless act and my heart breaks for the family of the dead victims and the people of the city.  #PrayforParis #PrayersforParis

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Into week 2 of the Hansons Marathon training plan as we get ready for Rock and Roll New Orleans at the end of February, it is always amazing how painful everything is when all I am doing is easy pace and only at 3 miles, sometimes I wonder if I ready did run a marathon.

Before the run did Cathe Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast routine 7 -12 only including warmup and cool down, I only have 2 more weeks to got to complete the 90 days rotation and I have to start thinking what I am going to do next, may be Charlene or Barry's Bootcamp to get a break from Cathe but I do have to say are programs are so well done that most other programs pale in comparison.

Getting cold, actually today was very windy and grey, I think this is the first time in a while that I do not have a race in November or December and February seem so far away but I am learning to honor my body, I also need to build my speed backup wisely, as much as I like to race I have lost so much speed even thou I have the endurance.

With wedding and Birthdays next year, I ready do not have any other race for 2016, and I no idea what I want to focus on either, really hope there will be a tempting offer for something, I did put in for the Berlin Marathon, already rejected for Tokyo and London, not sure am going to put in for New York again, didn't mind paying when there was a guarantee entry after the 3rd trial since they are charging $20+ but I can be playing this game for a long time at this rate with no entry.

A throwback picture, May 2008, 1st Marathon, Cleveland Marathon

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Celebrating a friend turning 60 in Columbus and feeling bless for all that I am, always love dressing up. Looking great despite 50 being around the corner.