Miles to Health

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Had a great time in Chicago for my niece's college graduation, so proud of her

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So blessed to be celebrating another birthday, I am where I am suppose to be. Woke up to pouring rain but Mother Nature was nice to gift me with a gentle mist so I could get my run in, it probably wasn't the best of ideas to run so late yesterday then roll out of bed this morning for 10x400m @3k pace, I felt every bit of being 48 but as usual I rolled with it.

All my neighbors probably thought I was crazy since I was going round and round on the 1 mile loop in the rain but I did change direction half way to confuse the squirrels and dogs. No where near the pace I was shooting for but I was also expecting that just wanted to be able to finish each one decently. I think I need to race less if I really want to hit this paces but am not sure I want to. Next race is on the 27th Thirsty Dog 8k, part of the Akron Rubber Series and nothing till August 15, really.

After work, met up with Shelby and got in some easy 6 miles then we went off to Fisher's for Dinner since I am home alone, had a great time chatting and I got a small pink Nathan water bottle and a beautiful pink dress from Shelby, which was very thoughtful of her , dress was an xsmall and it fit beautifully.

On the way home, had a flat and after a 35 mins wait, Buck from AAA finally arrived, I may be a woman but I can definitely tell when a tire is flat, after a nice firm conversation he agree to change flat, Yes Buck I do have a spare in the truck and I have no clue where the jack is shouldn't you have one. Oh he thinks he does, oh well........ tired changed and safely home. Life is good and I am bless. :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday - Woke up early, got in some laundry and also started cleaning the garage, for some reason all the untidiness just bothers me, after a bot of cleaning, went done to the basement and tried our the new workout that was emailed to me from Pretty Fierce Lean Out called Core Plyo, wasn't sure what to expect but know it wasn't going to be easy, well she didn't disappoint, this woman loves burpees and plank moves, I am having great definition in my arm from all the planks and burpees. 10 exercises were you are doing 12 reps but then the you have to do left and right side and then she had a finisher, 32 mins later I was a sweaty mess. Shower changed and got ready for church and for the first time in a while, we got there before the opening hymn, yeah

Monday: Finished cleaning the garage then met up with BGR Motivation Monday group to get in some miles, we got poured on by mother nature but it felt great since it was muggy and hot initially. 4 slow miles done on the multi purpose trail at Garfield Park, last Garming mile was off since I forgot to turn it off. Picture by Candice

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Boots on the Ground 5 Miler

Woke up to pouring rain, there was really no question of whether I was going to do the race or not, if it wasn't cancelled I was there, I mean this is to support out veterans, how can I not be able to tolerate a little rain discomfort. Rain did stop before race start but the humidity was a whole different issue.

I really wasn't sure what was going to happen at this race, I had planned on pushing it if my legs felt fine still sore from the half marathon last week and a full week of training. Well, the legs were fine but the humidity was too much. The heavy over night and in the morning cooled things down a bit but the woods held on to the humidity, on the first half since we are in an enclosed trail (crushed limestone) thick vegetation on both sides breathing was unbearable and I was pouring sweat. I could not control my heart rate, I was in the 200s for the first 2 miles, my HR didn't come down to the 160s until we got to the other side with the creek on our right, pushing it on the first half wasn't happening every time I tried it, it  felt like I was having a heart attack, so I covered the Garmin up and ran by feel, finish in 46:50, was actually surprised I ran that fast, too many speedy women in my age group I think I was 7/8. Garmin is not accurate, lost signal in one section of the woods and I also started it before the start, a duh moment. Max HR 210bpm Avg 172bpm

The race was very well organized and started promptly, for a first year race they did an amazing job.

After the race, Shelby came over and we hook up with Daniel( he ran the race also) and got in 6 milers before Daniel had to leave to take care of his dogs. Heart rate and legs felt fine, different section of trail. Max HR 158bpm, Average  151bpm

After we dropped Daniel off, Shelby and I went back on the race course starting at the finish for 4 more miles, max HR 157bpm Avg 148bpm

So ended up with 15 miles for the day. Got back home in time to shower, change and get ready for a graduation party


Did very good at the party, avoiding all my trigger foods and alcohol . Life is good

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I ran outdoors , I had 1 mile repeats on schedule to do and I love doing this outside since the loop around my house is exactly 1 mile but I woke up to heavy legs, oh well, after dilly dallying I put on my big girl panty and went on out, programmed the Garmin and let see what I can do.

1.5 mile warm (my outer loop is only 1.3 miles so just did that, didn't want to think too much)

2x1mile @ 10k pace (8:36) ok I know this wasn't going to happen, the legs were not feeling it but the plan was to just gut it out/2 mins recovery (walk the 1st min and slow jog the second-that was my treat also prevention from passing out) Ended up with 9:06 and 8:59, I was expecting around 9:40 for each mile so was very happy, when I finish and saw that. I was also happy that even thou I was tired my heart rate was fine so at least am not over training and I seem to be recovering just fine.

1.5 mile cooldown (only did 1.3 miles again)

While on the run, I decided my legs were too tired to do Pretty Fierce Lean Out Lower Body Endurance but once my run was over I couldn't justify not doing it since I felt fine, so got it in, I like both the Upper Body/Lower Body endurance workout they are challenging but not an over kill although she does go fast.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Much better sleep last night even thou it is still not perfect but was able to go back to sleep using breathe and counting backwards. No nap needed today and I felt good and focus through, got lots of work done.

This morning 28 mins HITT using a program from Global Cycling Network that I found on You tube it was really good and music was great, can't wait to try out more.

A short yin yoga for runners with Kassandra also from You tube, love it. The focus on legs and hips was prefect.

Did I mention am doing a 5 miler on Saturday (Boots on the Ground), I had this on my calendar but never commit due to the distance 1 hr away but it is in support of our veterans so I figure that is the least I can do to give back, Shelby will meet me there afterwards only 30 mins from her place for us to get in 6 additional miles.

48th Birthday coming up, can't believe I am so close to 50, don't feel it

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yesterday, was an easy and pain free day despite the hard effort on Sunday, some hot spot on left butt, right calf but nothing significant, decided again running to give the body a break so decided on a 40mins easy spin and then 2 sessions from Strong Stride. Strong Stride I believe is an humbling workout since I am in so much pain when all am using is my body weight: glutes, hips and butt were on fire after the workout.

I did a session of yin yoga before bed, am working on adding restorative yoga in the evening to quite my mind and calm the body. Still not sleeping properly, waking up between 1:30 - 2:30am but last night I was able to go back to sleep by doing some meditation really try to avoid taking sleeping aid.

This morning, body still recovering but seem to be humming with energy, so started the day of with Cathe Ripped with Hitt Low Impact Premix #7, time flew by and I was a sweaty mess then hopping on the treadmill I queued up a coached program -Cardio Coach #1 on Bitgym and gave it a try, it worked so much better on the treadmill than the spin bike, not really sure why but I am not really sure what the advantage of this app is right now, I already have the Cardio Coach workout and I can watch what ever I want on netflix or any of the multiple options I have, also I have the Runervals and Sufferfest workouts which are coached DVD are downloaded video workouts.

After the run with lots of energy still pumping through my veins, I did Pretty Fierece Lean Out Upper Body Endurance with was a short sweet to the point workout, my arms were on fire and I was sweating unbelievably which was interesting since I wasn't doing any cardio.

I was a bit tired during the day, the kind of tired when a 10 mins power nap was needed but I know it is coming from the early waking.

After work, met up with Shelby at the Bike and Hike to get in 4 miles it was a bit rough at the start since I was tired but once my body warmed up I felt fine although the pace was very and there were lots of bikers out.

Got back home, had dinner and then got in an hours plus in the yard working on the beds, it is just amazing how much weed there is again, ahhh :(

Off to bed, but hope to get in at least 20mins of yoga or meditation