Miles to Health

Friday, March 27, 2015

Nothing says Spring Day in Ohio, like 21 degrees and snow, oh well.

Beautiful start to my day, despite Mother Nature little weather tantrum, I started off with Cathe Ripped with Hiit Chest Shoulder and Triceps, this is a great heavy weight workout with very minimal rest, I love the flow of it.

Afterwards was 10k easy miles, probably need to spend more time on the pavement but I am just not into the cold, hard to believe that the Paris Marathon is now 15 days away, still some final plans to make but the excitement id building and quite a bit of Facebook friends going.

Doing the Egbert route again tomorrow but starting early, since I plan to have Easter dinner tomorrow because my son will not be coming home and we will be on a plane to London but then somehow I have to work 7pm -7am to cover one of my operators shift since I am down 3 out of 4, doing to be a very long 48 hours.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Decided that sleep was more important than the tempo run, yesterday my neck and shoulder were in some serious pain which for me is always a sign that I am short on sleep and stressed, so when the alarm went off at 5am this morning I felt the need for more sleep especially since it was an easy roll and lights out. Got up feeling refreshed and instead of 9 miles tempo with Cathe Ripped with Hitt Low Impact #2, I was able to get in 6 quality tempo miles and consider them good enough and hardly any pain in shoulder and neck. :)

Paris is just around the corner, oh so excited but so much to do.

Looking at running the Toronto Women Marathon in May since it will be on Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beautiful yoga practice this morning, first time doing one from Jennifer Raye, it is called Mindful Yin Yoga, I love how she was able to keep my mind focus on my breathing, she seem to know exactly when the mind is about to start wondering. Highly recommend this one also, embedding is disable so go here to see practice.

Also finish Nicole Lapins book, Rich Bitch since for some unbelievable reason I woke up at1:30am and was wide awake did try going back to sleep but couldn't so grab the book. Lots of great simple language information and to do to get finances on the right track. Great read.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last week got all my workout in, although did take it easy on the strength and plyo segment was able to get out on Saturday with Shelby for a great 10 miler at Egbert on the bike path. I love this course both the path and trail, just a great mix of hills to give the legs guessing very challenging course, we through in 4 hills repeats at Bridal trail, Shelby was great going up and down the hill, Chisel seems to be working out great for her. I love how strength training greatly improve the leg strength.

This week training has been going great, I have made it a point to get up on time to get most of the workout in an get to work before 9am, earlier just isn't working and doesn't seem to make that much difference. I love morning workouts more that after work.

Second time running in the Newton Energy with no break-in felt good, 1st time did 7 miles, love the colors

1 hr Spin just to take a break from from, rode pretty hard and felt good

Cathe Ripped with HIIT Plyo # 1 with 6 miles easy, even thou this was an easy run, the cumulative effect of no rest seem to take it's toll so lots of focus required.

This is pushing the leg to the next level, felt like the last 6 miles of a marathon.
Cathe Ripped With Hiit Lift it Legs, legs were fried after this one then 3x2 miles at Marathon pace(6mph/2%) with 800m recovery (4.2mph/2%) instead of a 800m recovery to finish did intervals at 7mph/2% to finish legs felt great went back to get in the Lift it Legs Stretch. Great way to start the day.

Paris Marathon is now just around the corner, mixed emotions, so happy to be where I am today and loving life, occasional memories of mum still filters in.

Need to start packing soon, going to see if I can get away with a carryon bag only, just do  not feel like checking in a full suitcase and dragging it all over London and Paris

Sunday, March 15, 2015

No worse for wear this morning despite how tough the race conditions were yesterday, slight pain on the top of the 2nd toe on both foot, I think the brown puma will be out for any more cold and water runs. Decided to take it easy, concentrating on the upper body and yoga.

So pulled out Kelly Coffey-Meyer Muscle up workout #1, love this since I can go quite heavy.


Super set - 3 rounds, 8 reps
Bent over Row - 25#
Chest Press - 25#

Dumbbell One arm row - 35#
Dumbbell Fly - 25#

 Pullover - 25#
Pushup on my toes

Shoulder Press - 20#
Abdominal Crunch - 16reps

Toe Press - 16 reps
Lateral Raise -15#

 Bendover lateral raise - 15#

Found another Fightmaster yoga on you tube and gave it a go, I do like the way she instruct, so will look into rest of her program

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Buzzard Day 25K

This race kicked my butt, was expecting the trails to be muddy from melting snow and rain from the last couple of days, well no such luck the snow never melted and seeing mud was a welcome site.

Lets start from the beginning, met up with Shelby at the Walmart parking lot in Macedonia at 8am, she agreed to drive and we were on our way, I think with all we had you will think we were running the 100k but better to be prepared.

We got there early and parking wasn't an issue like it was stated in the email, we could have gotten an extra couple of minutes of sleep. It was suppose to rain but luckily it stopped raining before we started, we stayed in the car for a while catching up then we went in and got our bib and instead of a tshirt we got a chili/soup bowl, which is too cute.

The 50k and 100k runners, started before us, the ones we saw coming in weren't too much, upon further investigation we were told ice and slushy snow was a problem not mud, was expecting mud due to the thaw and rain of the last couple of days, well this trail looked like it just got fresh snow and the more we ran, the icy and slippery it got.

Initial we were suppose to do a single 25k loop but due to rising water on the creek and some other flooded location this became 3 loops of 5.2miles, hard to complaint since the 100k runners had to do 12 loops, this was also a  Run to Share Event with all the money going to a local family going through a difficult time, after all expenses paid with the running club taking no profit.

After a quick funny briefing by the race director Roy, we were on our merry way, sending us off was the husband of the family we were supporting.

We look so happy before the start, it didn't take us long to know this was going to be a hard race, there were section we could barely run or walk since we kept on sliding to the edge due to the flow of the water off the trail and it being very icy.

Picture By Tonya
It was really hard going, slushy snow was fast turning to packed ice and we were sliding all over the place, we actually were able to keep a pretty good pace, running all the hills and only walking the hard to run slippery sections.

I have never been so glad to finish a race, even thou this was a 5.2 mile loop, to conquer this one I just hard to break it down into section despite the fact that this was a short loop.
Start to bridge, bridge tor road, road to turn around, weather was perfect even the course was better but that didn't really stop the 25k who finished in 1:46

Grateful to have another one under my belt, and always nice to catch up with trail friends I haven't seen in a while.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I continue to take Wednesday has my recovery day and using it as a time to try out different yin yoga on you tube, today was another nice one but this was a yin yang yoga, probably more yang than I wanted but I still enjoyed it. Beautiful day today, it was tempting to go out and run since even Shelby had an event on TORN FB page for a run but I know I have to follow the program and respect recovery days, I have been above to stay injury free for 2+ years and I will like to keep it that way.