Miles to Health

Friday, January 30, 2015

Still slowly getting back to waking up on time to get my workout in, but for some reason I woke up around 230am feeling very hot wasn't able to get back to sleep right away but had no problem getting up when it was time too, although for some unforeseen reason reason decided to arrange my closet, go figure.

So after dragging myself out of my closet, went over to the basement to get the workouts of the day in, body feel fine no aches and pain.

Cathe Ripped with Hiit Upper Body, did it all the way to the stretch then pause and went to get 6 miles of easy run in watching Cast Away with Tom Hanks, after the run back to Cathe for the stretch.

I still have no idea what to do about the long run tomorrow trails, road and paths are messy due to the rain and snow from last night and this morning, also have a 930am mammogram appointment and Sunday doesn't look any better with a storm rolling in.

Signing up for Hall of Fame Half Marathon feels like this will be great to do after Paris before Flying Pig just to keep going also lots of friends are doing it and Rock and Roll New Orleans 2016 since that is only $50 and I get to know off another state

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today was a great training day, at least now I am waking up before my alarm goes off even thou I am still not getting up and I think this may be the first time this year that I got to work before 9am, yeah me. :)

So what did I do today;

I mile warmup @ 4-4.2mph

+9 miles tempo run @ 6mph

+ the last 18 mins of Cathe Ripped with Hiit Lower Body Circuit, love the stretch in this.

Need to tighten up the eating, am sure the peppermint bark chocolate are not helping, weight is just holding but I do have to say body is getting tighter.

Still no concrete running plans for the weekend, yet to get a good long run in so hoping to do that this weekend if not oh well it won't be for lack of trying.

All set now for Little Rock

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Much needed yoga today, did Ultimate Yogi Yin Yoga, had to stay in the poses 3-5 mins and try to keep my mind from wondering so I can focus on my breathing to work through the release. Am really trying to keep Wednesday as a recovery day as much as possible, so as not to over do it.

So far sticking to the training plan this week, just need to make sure I have a plan for the weekend since I have my mammogram Saturday morning and going to miss hill repeats, really do not want to run on the treadmill or alone. But of cause will do what needs done.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

With all the ice and snow, I have basically stayed on the treadmill,  even for me this is a lot, I have always been able to get the long runs done outdoors and the hit and run death of a local runner in the next city on Saturday just makes this the right decision for now.

Heard back from the HR guy, he will bring it up in their review mtg next month, he wasn't aware that the result are readily available and can be use as prove for repayment. It will be so nice if they start covering race fee.

Saturday: 11.2 miles
Sunday: Cathe Plyo 1, had no issue, was worried I won't be able to do this barefooted.
Monday:Cathe RWH Upper Body circuit + 7 miles easy
Tuesday: Cathe RWH Lower Body Circuit + 3x2miles/800m recovery

Booking is all done for Little Rock Marathon except for the Sunday night that I added, same hotel I booked for Friday - Sunday is now coming up double the price. 

Thinking of registering for the Hall of Fame Half Marathon, as a way to keep running after Paris since I still have Flying Pig to do and 2 of my favorite running group BGR Cleveland and TORN are using it for the spring race. Also thinking of RNR New Orleans 2016, great price right now at $50

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wednesday: According to the schedule is a rest day, instead of doing hard workout on this day, I think it will be perfect to use to add yoga back in, so today did a nice yoga for hips and back then a nice yin yoga.
James is back home, and as much as I would have like to stay in bed this morning, I dutifully got up and got in my 9 miles tempo run, I really had to talk myself into it but once started I felt fine. Did 4 miles at 6mph and then the last 4 at 6.1, for the 1st mile started out walking then slowly got the walking pace up so went from 4.0 -4.5mph, I like to increase my walking speed, since that will help if I have to walk a hill.

I send off an email to the HR Director today, the new wellness challenge program that started Monday is a complete joke for me, all the program they come up with are for beginners, do 900 mins of workout in 3 months, am already at 313 and this is an easy week. I asked him to start paying for race/competition fee, even if we have to show prove that we did it, I'll let you know if he agrees never met the man so have no idea if he is into fitness or not.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Monday did Cathe Lift it Hiit it Chest Shoulder and Triceps + 30 mins spin decided to give the ankle a break even thou it felt fine, can't afford an injury.

Got into bed last night and turn to my right my shoulder hurts, then to my left that hurts too, face down lord that hurts, then on my bad that hurts the least, this is the second time I have done RWH CST and I have to say the I never make it to 24 hrs for the DOMS to set in, I think because you go heavy and do high reps (10-12) then a finisher after each 3rd rounds just kill those muscles. Today everything hurts to the touch, I think a serious gain can be hard with this workout.

Today: Ankle felt pretty good so did D2S P1 RAMP and then 3x1.5miles with 400m recovery was suppose to be 4 but running late and I knew I was running with Shelby after work.

Weather was great after work at 34 degrees and no wind, felt over dress but got in 4 miles with Shelby which included .5miles of hill repeat.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Right ankle was sore but not injured, hope that makes sense and the weather was beautiful at 37 degrees, it did rain over night with colder temps so some spots were icy. I met up with some TORN ladies to hopefully get in 10 miles, I have the ankle in a compression brace for the first 5 mile loop and it got painful towards the end but it looks like it may be from the brace restricting the movement and me running in it. When we got back after the first loop, I took the brace off and decided to try for 1 mile to see how it goes, it felt better so got in the rest of the miles.

Legs felt pretty good from the hill repeats yesterday but I needed a nap after my run today.