Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catching up

Really surpise to see that I haven't blogged since mid May, the summer is moving on fast and so is life. Both kids are now graduated and we just got back from getting son#1 settled in Seattle, he is goin gto be sharing a house with 5 othes guys since they all insist on living in downtown but I really can't blame them, the location is perfect, 15mins to just about anything you can think of.

Workout wise I have been doing great, although during this vacation, I decided to give my body a break from running and cycling, concentrating on bodyweight workout, I found a great one in the Oxygen June Magazine that was perfect.

30 jumping jacks
10 pushups
25 high knees
7 burpees
15 crunches
10 jump squats
10 pushups
15 crunches
10 push ups
10 jump squats
30 jumping jacks
1 minute wall sit
10 pushups
25 high knees

About 4 weeks out from the Zooma Chicago Half, so have to get back into training, really want the second medal but that will mean running under 1:59 shooting for it so we will see what happens.

Got into the 2014 Big Sur Marathon, was surpirise by that no problem at all doing registration with I actaully thought I was doing something wrong, this sold out in 59mins wow.

Need to start planning and making reservations for the races coming up, been trying to rack up travelling points, sos far sos good. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trainer Road-8 Days in California -2013

And we are done, today I patiently wait for the start of stage 8, thankfully it was less than 1hr and seem doable on very tired legs. The last segment was painfully so much fun, it was none stop attacks and slowing for corner, legs refuse to get in gear for the last sprint kick.

The final stage of 8DC is pretty forgiving in format with just a sprinkling of smaller climbs leading up to the 2-lap finish circuit that promises to be action-packed. There's a single intermediate sprint and strong chance this will come down to a mass field sprint.

8DC - Stage 8 After the ride shower and headed downtown with my niece and nephew for the Cleveland Marathon Kids Run, I had a blast with them it was nice seeing how excited the kids wanted to take path in being fit so I guess ultimately it comes down to us parents to give them the opportunity.

Today is also Prom night for my youngest and I am so proud of him and he look so happy and cute in his all white outfit. Very busy day but I am blessed.

Friday, May 17, 2013

No limitation-Stage 7-8DC

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make - Les brown

Since I doubled up yesterday, I had to wait 45mins this morning for stage 7 to open up, so did some yoga, laundry and meditate. Was ready to go as soon as the stage opened up. This was 93mins of pure pain, The Queen stage of 8DC is comprised of 3 climbs, the final climb being the most difficult and including a hilltop finish. There are KOM's at the end of each of the 3 climbs and a single intermediate sprint.

This was just insane, half way through the last climb my legs were done and I was just holding on for dear life.

8DC - Stage 7

One more stage to go and this insanity will be over, so far teh challenge has really been a challenge and I am loving evry  minute of it.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Double Header-Trainer Road 8 Days in California (8DC)

Felt great waking up today and actually got up on time at 4:30am and still with no absolute plan for the weekend. I decide to do a double heasder today Stage 5 & 6 just in case I choose to race Sunday.

Stage 5 was an easy day, atleast that was what the description say Stage 5 is the closest thing this tour offers in the way of an easy day. After an early, moderate climb, a flat course favors the sprinters. There are 3 intermediate sprints and only a single KOM.

Interesting that this is considered easy but then relative to everything else that we have been doing this was easier. legs were a bit fatigue but not as bad as expected especially after all the cramping during swim lesson while learning butterfly.

8DC - Stage 5

Felt great after stage 5, just drenched in sweat so drank a couple cups of water then started stage 6, this was an ouch ouch ouch but manageable, I love trainerroad, love thatt I am able to see what is coming and how long I have to suffer for, because for otehr stuff when am not sure how long i have to stop then find how I only had a minute to go. Time Trial! Today's TT is short but it finishes with a tough hill climb. No KOM's or sprints, just individual racing against the clock. Not sure why they said short it was still an hour, not the best but ti is done and I am still breathing and the legs are not completely death.

8DC - Stage 6

Afterwards did a quick 15mins Hatha yoga routine from Yoga online to wrap things up.

Last night I tried out a new sleep app Sleepbot, love it so far, the wakeup alarm was great and it does confirm something I already know I do not get 8 hrs of sleep, so going to use it for the next couple of weeks to hopefully start improveming my sleep amount. 6.3hours of sleep need to improve that.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stage 4 - 8DC

Looking at this I really thought it was going to be easier than the rest since there was lot of easy spin boy was I wrong, I needed every minute of that easy spin to recover

8DC - Stage 4

Since I am not sure what my plans are for the weekend I may have to do stage 5 today to bank time so I can take a  day off if I decide to Cleveland half Marathon on Sunday.

I need to start working on incorporating more yoga into my routine, so far not happy with yoga online need to figure out why some of teh program won't open. Frustrating when I am limited time to do it in the morning and it won't open.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stage 3 of 8DC

Stage 3 looked easy but boy was I wrong between the sprints, climb and KOM I was a sweaty mess and boy were the legs screaming. This has been a hard 3 days I still think getting to day 8 is going to be  a complete miracle bit I am loving it and seem to have my mojo back.

8DC - Stage 3 for strength today did cyclo-core 2.0 strong since I am in between program, this program wasn't the best choice even thou this is only 15mins it is non stop and pack a big punch. drop the weight down from 12 to 8#, was just in too much pain.

After work with the excess lactic acid still cursing through my veins decided to do an easy run to get them flushed out before stage 4 tomorrow. Legs are quite fatigue from the cycling since it has been a tough 3 days but the 2+ miles run helped quite a bit, no pain just heavy legs.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Stage 2 - 8 Days in California-Trainer Road

Surviving this 8 days is going to be a challenge, today was another hard climb with sweat pouring down and legs begging for mercy. The last sets of sprints and KOM were a beast, took everything in me not to quit but setting lots of new personal records. Trainer Road

8DC - Stage 2
Strength workout for today was RKS#16 which was 30mins of snatches but I only had time for 20mins so got in 20 rounds of 15secs right then left follow by 30sec rest. Done with this cycle of RKS moving on to Athlean XXX next week.

After work did today's session of Yoga on the go, which was actually an AM routine but didn't get a chance to get it in.

Also tonight completed my first Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge not as graceful as most but feet is off the ground so yeah me. #IWILL