Miles to Health

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, Shelby and I got to our run destination and decided going out for a run was going to be worthless, it was raining but since the temp was only 29, it was slick everywhere, we could get the run in but it will be us going for quantity and not quality, not worth it to me to do that.

So came back home and did Runerval 1.0 hanging with Coach Troy and The Clydesdale, I find it interesting that Coach calls this an easy workout, did most of the workout at the 10k pace and even for the final challenge instead of holding at base pace did 5k pace instead. Before the Runerval workout did, D2S P2 RAMP and Timed metabolic workout .

Then it was time to make a quick stop at my sister's place for her birthday party before heading to downtown Cleveland for an event at the Westin and an overnight stay.

Sunday, went looking for the Westin Fitness Lounge, I know they have been upgrading and emphasizing the important of exercise and sleep and great Fitness Lounges, well had to say this did not disappoint, probably the best hotel gym I have seen and I was like a kid in a candy store playing with all the toys and then when I found out I didn't have to check out till 3pm went back down after breakfast and nap for more fun.

Jacobs ladder is one of my favorite equipment and not found in too may places so extremely excited when I saw it and nobody was using it, oh I was in fitness heaven.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Didn't make it out of bed early enough today to get a decent workout in but salvage the morning by pulling out Drop 2 Sizes P1 Timed Metabolic workout but instead of doing a 30/30 ratio did 40/20 instead to kick this up. This is a nice sweat fest due to the limited rest and if you really push will get a great workout/

3 rounds, like I said 40sec of work, 20 secs of rest
Body weight Squat
Back lunges with a twist
Plank with touches
Kettlebell Swing 16kg

After work, with nothing short of pure madness, Shelby and I went for a run, temps were 23degrees but with the nasty wind felt more  like 11 and dip close to 0 by the time we were done. I was actually quite warm in what I had on, put another pants (old navy active) over the sugoi tight and they work just fine. We did enough hill repeats to get to 4 miles and call it a day. Oh this is going to be a long winter, what exactly happen to fall.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Amazing how 33degrees with no wind feel like a heat wave, 7ft of snow in Buffalo, NY sounds unreal. Suppose to warm up to the 50s by the weekend, hoping things thaw out, I really don't mind the cold as much as there is no snow and wind.

Not that much motivation this morning but got up and did Cathe All out low impact Hiit and Exhale Wk2 Day2.

I think all out low impact is one of my favorite Cathe short to the point, no overkill of reps and you know you worked.

I have tickets to Paris for the marathon on hold with American Airline, just need some more points to post to my account, so for 80,000 aa points my husband and I will fly round trip from Cleveland to London, take train to Paris and fly out of Paris back to Cleveland, was going to do business class but have to conserve points for possible Berlin marathon and the other races already on the schedule. 60,000 points was from getting  AA credit card. Now to start working on the hotels.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Very cold today, with the wind chill we were down to -3, just too early in the season for this, I cancel our Tuesday after work run, training for a 5k and running in that kind of conditions just don't go together, especially since my 5k is in Florida.

First workout today was Drop 2 Sizes P2 RAMP and Timed Metabolic, a quick challenging working 40 secs of work and 20 secs rest, 5 exercise 3 rounds

Kettlebell Swing -16kg
Side Lunges -10#
Dumbbell Row - 15#
Back Lunges with shoulder press - 12kg
Thoracic Stretch

Then back again to Coach Troy and Runerval 7.0 workout C, did so much better today on this workout

warm with 3 - 30secs @ 7mph striders
4x30secs@9mph/2% incline with recovery @ 90secs @4-4.5mph/2%
4x1mins@8mph/2% incline with recovery @ 1min @ 3mph/2%
2x30sec@10mph/3% incline with recovery @ 30secs @ 3mph/3% 
Cool down

After work since there was no run did Exhale Cardio Sculpt Week 2 Day 1, this is such a good DVD that has lots of well rounded routine.

Ahh more snow over night and it was still snowing when I got out of bed and all the way to work.

Workout for today, even thou all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and stay there.

D2S P2 RAMP + Complex Metabolic, this was a great 23mins routine, the workout for the complex was nice and I was able to use 15# dumbbells

8 reps each - 3 rounds
Reverse Lunges
Romanian Deadlift
High Pull
Squat to Push Press

Then off to get torture by Coach Troy, I know this workout will make me stronger but boy are they kicking my butt, today was Runerval 2.0 Treadmill Tempo.

I kept the workout pace at 7mph and varied the incline as instructed by coach just not there to increase out of this pace unless I start at a lower base pace, at which point I will feel like am wasting my time.

Tomorrow is suppose to be very cold, may break the record of 10 degrees, look like it is going to be an interesting winter, 2 snow storm and record cold and this is only November.

Placing for the trip to Paris for the marathon has serious started, now that I have Thanksgiving and Christmas out of the way. Plan is to fly to London to see my brothers, take train from London to Paris, take train from Paris to Nice after the marathon then fly back home from Nice, using mainly points to book hotel and flight.

We keep our fingers cross for Berlin

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Great time with my Girls from Girls on Track who did their 5k this morning in 32+ degrees, so proud of everyone of them. It has been a pleasure watching them challenge themselves and grow during the past couple of weeks, not too many pictures since I got their late and also had to leave right away to get to church on time but all my girls and coaches were in before I left. Good times. Love the route from Lock3 up and down main street then back through the Towpath.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sometimes the darkness is overwhelming but running helps.......

Got in 8 miles with Mandy and Shelby on the Egbert trail today, it was so beautiful getting the first snow trail run it, need to switch out of the Puma just didn't work in the snow, I could feel the cold in my right foot. Shelby took a hard fall really hope she will be okay, will know better tomorrow.

Afterwards add on D2S P3 Complex Metabolic use the 16kg KB except for the push press, form wasn't great so drop down to the 12kg for those, then finish off with exhale wk1 day 1 this routine pack quite a bit of a heavy punch.

I guess thanksgiving is fast approaching and so is the 5k, not sure I can pull off 25mins but will try my best, this short distance just suck the joy out of running.

Amaze at all the Christmas stuff in the stores and just about everyone I went to today was playing Christmas song.